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Shortly prior to the “ICONS IN FASHION” preview, at the invitation of Inga Griese, editor-in-chief of ICON style magazine, we took time out from the BERLINER MODE SALON to meet with up-and-coming talent Lisa-Marie Koroll and to talk to her about her passion for acting, Berlin’s art scene and the perfect look for an art exhibition preview.


Lisa-Marie trägt einen Look von HORROR VACUI und Schuhe von Unützer

Lisa-Marie wearing a look of HORROR VACUI  and shoes of UNÜTZER

DBMS: Lisa-Marie, in just a few minutes the doors to the ICON preview will be opening. Are you often out and about enjoying the Berlin art scene and visiting galleries? What was the last exhibition that you visited?

Lisa-Marie: I am very excited for today’s preview. I must confess that it will be my first. Because I originally come from a rather rural region in which little was done to promote the art scene I haven’t really had much opportunity until now. However, this means that today I am looking forward to being able to visit the exhibition by Inga Griese and Kristian Schuller as part of the Berliner Mode Salon today all the more.


DBMS: Where do you see the worlds of art, fashion and acting coming together in your life? Lisa-

Lisa-Marie: I regularly find myself on red carpets and standing in front of cameras. People expect me to look the part. My outfits are a reflection of who I am and therefore really have to suit me. This means that I have to keep up with fashion, styles and trends. Nowadays, actors are not merely required to act, but are also fashion role models and trendsetters. I enjoy trying out new things. At the end of the day, fashion is simply another form of acting. With every outfit I have the chance to show off another side to myself, to rediscover myself or slip into a different role.


DBMS: It is now seven years since your on-screen debut. Did you always want to be an actor?

Lisa-Marie: No, I didn’t. In actual fact, acting came about entirely by coincidence. A casting invitation was thrust into my hands during class and I simply tried my luck. It was only five years ago that things really clicked. Now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.



DBMS: Where does your passion for acting come from and what do you view as your greatest challenge?

Lisa-Marie: It really is just the overall package that I adore. In what other career do you get the chance to regularly immerse yourself in new worlds, to portray a character that you are so drawn to precisely on account of the fact that it is so different to you own? I can continually reinvent myself and discover new sides to my personality. The greatest challenge is genuinely convincing the audience. It can’t just seem like I am pretending to be someone – I have to feel, think and act as the character would, so that viewer is really taken in.


DBMS: In contrast to Nina Hoss, Heike Makatsch or Iris Berben, you have managed to stay really fresh within the industry. How do you handle being at the centre of media and public attention?

Lisa-Marie: All three women are unbelievably strong personalities and are top-class artists who are incredibly impressive. Iris Berben in particular is someone who I personally view as a true icon. She is a fantastic actress who radiates class and elegance. I don’t actually give too much thought to the attention I receive and I simply enjoy the host of opportunities that come with it.


DBMS: You were nominated for the Bavarian Film Prize and in 2016 won the “Young ICON” and “New Faces” awards. Can you describe how it feels to be one of the most successful young actresses in Germany?

Lisa-Marie: I really am delighted to be honoured in this way, although I wouldn’t say that I view myself as being one of the most successful young actresses. It’s much more important to me that I can do what I enjoy doing and what fills me with joy.


DBMS: Berlin – the capital city and now your new home. What do you love about big city life?

Lisa-Marie: My entire rhythm has changed. Since I have been living in Berlin I am much more active and am out and about more. There are countless different things to do in your free time. Each district has its own unique character and as a result you get to know some really interesting people. I am crazy about this city. I am really looking forward to experiencing the spring and summer months.


DBMS: With our DER BERLINER MODE SALON event we promote German fashion design with a view to establishing it as a cultural asset. Which German designers do you find particularly exciting?

Lisa-Marie: I am a big fan of Marina Hoermaneder. With her collections she really mixes things up within the German fashion scene and polarises opinion. In so doing she really demonstrates courage and creativity. That said, there are also a number of young designers such as William Fan who are very interesting. I think we can expect a lot and should be excited at what the coming seasons will bring.


DBMS: Thank you very much for your time!

Lisa-Marie: Thank you.


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Photocredit: © Getty Images for DER BERLINER MODE SALON